Sunday, February 06, 2005

I guess I'm addicted to color as much as ATCs. There was a movie with River Phoenix where he was in a high school music class and the teacher asked what made Beethoven so different. He replied that his highs were higher, his lows were lower and his sound was louder (something like that anyway). And that's what color is like in Florida. We're having a cold spell and it's about 60 this morning (actually had the heat on) and it makes everything seem a little sharper and as I look out my window, the green is greener then any green I've ever seen and sky is azure (beautiful word- color of a cloudless sky). The sun is a blinding yellow and fills my room with light. I stand on the patio with my eyes closed and head raised to the sun and it just fills me up. Anyway, I love Florida (and brush pens).


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