Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pens, Pens, Pens - Now let me explain, I didn't go to Pearls to get another pink pen. Ok, I went to get a white pen just one white pen. My friend Doris went with me and it was her responsibility to stop me from buying anything except that one white pen and she didn't stop me. I bought a set (24) of Prismacolor double ended markers and they happen to have 2 pink pens ok. I wasn't too sure of the broad tip since I work so small but they really look great on the paper. They're not as thick as the Tombo and so don't warp the card stock. The color is bright but not as bright bright as the Tombo so their bright but sort of muted bright and have a different look - especially on the background. I'm doing 20 of these for the Sisters Trade in Zurich. I haven't received my first set back yet and I just can't wait.


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