Monday, March 21, 2005

Rededication - Poison Pencil was right - what a difference a heavy line makes. In the first set all you saw was color, now you see the cups. See, I said he gave good advise. And these are done in art markers. I've haven't tried digital (yet).


Blogger steve said...

Shweet ! Whenever you see someone do something in their art...lift an eyebrow and try it. Maybe you'll succeed, maybe you'll fall flat on your face. Regardless, some new things will open new vistas of possibilities. Have fun !
P.S. here's a lil' trick I learned from long years of experimentation- If you're worried about whether an illustration is out of proportion (meaning if a face looks wrong or a body looks distorted but you can't quite get your finger on why ) just pick up the piece of paper and flip it over. Then hold it up to the light so that the image shows through backward. This is the true test to see if you have made a balanced work. :-)

10:26 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Hi Janey, Just reading what Steve said and remembered what I learned regarding the same thing: hold it up to a mirror. The imperfections jump out immediately, but then with sketches I think imperfections lend a higher degree of creativity..

You mentioned linking up to me: I would like to reciprocate with you. I love the colors in your most recent posts and want to know what you're using. It looks like pens...? Anyway, pick whichever you like, there'll be a lot more additions to Sketches and Stuff than with Some Art, but it's your decision. Someone did both...

11:46 AM  
Anonymous nine_ah said...

Stay true to your roots...the hand drawn image wherever/whenever you can. Take it from a person who has been in the digital realm for over 15 years...the hand is much more beautiful.

7:29 PM  

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