Saturday, March 19, 2005

Stamp Carving - I'm taking an evening colored pencil drawing class in a local artist's studio. Her name is Anita Orsini and she's good. Take a look at her work here - it's amazing. I'm drawing a leaf and I think I've discovered something. I don't really like drawing with pencils. My hand itches for a pen and I have a real disdain for erasers and it takes all my self control to not just attack the paper. So, instead of working on my leaf, I started a stamp carving. And I like it and I haven't cut any fingers off yet either. And like Poison Pencil suggested, I'm going to try the Post It People on a carving. So here's my first ( 4x6), not completed yet. It will look familiar to anyone who's traded ATCs with me.


Blogger steve said...

Great minds think alike. :-)

2:13 PM  

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